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Body cooling vests, bandanas and more

In 2019, deadly hot weather set waves of heat across Europe with temperature records broken in many EU countries. In fact, one of the highest temperatures recorded was 40°C, which may actually be considered ‘usual fare’ in Asian countries, but by EU standards, is very hot indeed.

In early 2020, Sydney saw a blistering temperature of 48.9°C, while in 2019, Australia recorded one of the hottest temperatures to ever hit the nation.

The fact of the matter is, global warming will only rise in the near future, and it’s important to prepare for the hot climate that’s to come in the years ahead. Not only that but it’s up to you to look after yourself as well as your loved ones by doing everything possible to beat the heat while engaging in your favourite outdoor activities.

INUTEQ technology has you covered with its innovative body cooling sleeves, body cooling bandanas and body cooling vests.

Body cooling sleeves are another great way to beat the summer heat. The cooling effect generated by INUTEQ’s Bodycool Sleeves is perfect for those who can’t sit still during summers and love camping, working out, playing sports and a variety of other outdoor activities that burn calories by the hundreds!

Featuring INUTEQ-QCK® fabric which is very strong, soft, flexible and lightweight, the cooling sleeve not only has excellent sweat-wicking properties but also provides adequate UV protection, making it perfect for staying cool and protecting your skin while driving, cycling, fishing, golfing – or anything, really, that you love to do outdoors in the summer season.

Perhaps you need extra shade and protection from the sun and fancy wearing a hat instead of a bandana? The Headcool Power evaporative cooling cap is a very lightweight and easy-to-activate cooling hat which provides a cooling effect using the natural principle of evaporation. Just soak in regular water for up to 2 minutes, squeeze out the excess water and enjoy a gratifyingly cooling effect for up to 8 hours, where you also enjoy cooling relief of up to 15°C relative to ambient temperature.

Stay safe from the heat!

While most people find heat waves and extremely hot weather quite uncomfortable, certain people are actually at a much higher risk of becoming ill due to excessive heat, or worse still, suffering a heat stroke. For instance, people who are:

  • Obese and/or overweight
  • Not accustomed to relatively high summer temperatures such as tourists or visitors
  • Socially isolated
  • Suffering from certain chronic health conditions like diabetes, respiratory disease or circulatory diseases
  • Babies, young children and senior citizens over the age of 70
  • Engaged in vigorous outdoor activity in poorly ventilated areas or directly under the sun

Even if you’re not in any of the above categories, it can’t be stressed enough on how important it is to maintain your wellbeing and that of your loved ones during the particularly hot summers in EU countries.

Why risk it? Hot weather does not discriminate and as much as you might be enjoying your favourite outdoor activity in the sun, things can easily take a turn for the worse.

INUTEQ technology’s innovative collection of cooling caps, cooling vests, cooling sleeves and more has you covered. Stay safe and stay cool outdoors!