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Ride out in the summer!

Even though motorcycle riding can be very exciting and adventurous in the winter season, practically all riders look forward to those long and warm summer rides with their entourage – with the sun beating down on them, riding dry and open roads from morning till sunset.

However, as dedicated and persistent as riders are in carrying out their ‘rituals’ during the summer season, scorching temperatures can eventually start to take a toll on them, particularly since they must wear adequate protective gear.

Heat stress is something that can prove to be very dangerous when you’re riding a two-wheeler – whether on empty roads that stretch out forever or busy urban areas. Summer temperatures and humidity levels can often hinder your body’s ability to dissipate excess heat quickly enough, making you less efficient as a rider. Many riders, unfortunately, have learned this the hard way after ending up in an accident, all because of heat exhaustion.

Don’t be that rider!

The INUTEQ-DRY® evaporative cooling vest uses a revolutionary body cooling technology which can keep street motorcyclists cool and comfortable, making them more concentrated and safer.

This DRY evaporative cooling vest is machine washable and features antibacterial properties to keep you cool and feeling safe and confident throughout the ride. Our unique cooling vest has been specifically designed with environments in mind where cooling is in high demand, but resources are either scarce or severely limited. The dry cooling solution uses no more than 600ml of water for a maximum of 1-3 days of cooling. A one-time easy activation is required by filling up the evaporative cooling vest with regular tap water and enjoying an immediate and sustainable cooling effect.

Protect yourself in temperatures as high as 40°C with low-medium humidity levels. The airier it is, the better our evaporative cooling vests for motorcyclists’ work.

If you think about it, it’s a very practical, convenient and cost-effective way to stay fresh and cool, as you enjoy your daytime riding in the summer.

Why you need additional gear like cooling vests for motorcycle riding

As fun and exciting as it is riding a bike out on the open road, extreme temperatures can give the feeling of a giant hair dryer blowing at you. This can prove to be quite dangerous as even the initial signs of a heat stroke can affect your decision making abilities and adversely affect your skills when it comes to riding your bike safely.

By not taking the necessary precautions, you may be putting your safety as well as that of others at risk. This is unnecessary and you can easily beat the heat by wearing the right INUTEQ cooling apparel. Scientific studies have proven that recreational activities in warm and humid weather can have an undesirable effect on safety, health and concentration levels – and that the best ‘comfort zone’ for such activities is around 22°C.

Our evaporative cooling vests are so effective that they have been used in professional motorbike riding, motocross and cycling for many years. The vests cool on a large body surface and while riding, you barely notice that you something extra on. Today, professional and recreational bike riders wear INUTEQ’s cooling vests for motorcycle riders because they work remarkably well in low-moderate humidity levels and ambient temperatures as high as 40°C. The faster you ride, the more airflow there is around the vest, and the better the cooling is.

All of our cooling vests for motorcycle riding are very easy to use and reuse. They are machine washable and can provide up to 15°C cooling relief below ambient temperature. INUTEQ’S H20® cooling vests are a great alternative with their super absorption cooling fabric which both offers excellent evaporation based cooling and economical pricing. As with the DRY evaporative cooling vests, your H20® cooling vest can also be activated by soaking it in water for up to two minutes and gently squeezing out excess water before putting it on.

Depending on humidity levels and airflow, you can enjoy anywhere between 2-8 hours of body cooling while riding your two-wheeler. The more airflow there is, the more cooling you will experience. Enjoy 15°C below ambient temperature cooling every time you set out to ride.

Each H20® cooling vest is machine washable and anti-bacterial, and developed with a unique water-repellent liner to keep you nice, dry and comfortable as long as you wear it. Plus, it’s also designed to withstand temperatures up to 40°C with ease.

Ride like the wind, with your INUTEQ Cooling Vest

Riding a motorcycle in hot and humid weather isn’t all that bad once you’ve taken the right precautionary measures. In addition to wearing the right gear, being properly hydrated and wearing innovative cooling apparel underneath your gear like INUTEQ’s evaporative cooling vests means you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The heat will never get to you or cause you to lose focus when assessing traffic conditions and other elements on the road.