Inuteq Dry Technology

Dry Technologie

INUTEQ-DRY® is a revolutionary evaporative cooling technology. We have created our unique cooling system for environments where cooling is desired but resources are limited.

Inuteq H2O Technology

H20 Technologie

INUTEQ-H2O® technology offers the highest standard in evaporation cooling at low cost. Our INUTEQ-H2O® products are activated by soaking them in water for 2 minutes. After excess water is gently squeezed out they are ready to wear.

Inuteq PVA Technology

PVA Technologie

The INUTEQ-PVA® evaporative cooling technology is a highly absorbent Polyvinyl Alcohol Fabric. INUTEQ-PVA® products are activated by soaking them in water for one minute. After squeezing out excess water they are ready for use.

Inuteq PAC Technology

PAC Technologie

The INUTEQ-PAC® is a revolutionary performance technology. We offer this bio-based Phase Change Material (PCM) in 5 different temperatures: 6,5°C / 44°F, 15°C / 59°F, 21°C / 70°F, 24°C / 75°F and 29°C / 84°F.

Inuteq QCK Technology

QCK Technologie

The cooling effect generated by these products and technology is not chemically treated, but comes from the special technology within the INUTEQ-QCK® cooling fabric.