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Innovative cooling vests for athletes

Heat illness is a serious risk that athletes face during not only competition but also those gruelling and ultra-demanding training sessions. With heat waves continually mounting the different continents, it’s now become extremely important for athletes and sport teams to do everything possible to keep their star players cool.

In soccer, for instance, the risk of heatstroke is even higher during high-intensity practice runs and drills on a hot, humid day – particularly for players who have just come out of ‘off season’ and may not be in tip-top shape. Add to that the team uniform and humid weather, and it’s even more challenging to beat the heat.

But that’s just one example – competitive motorbike riders and track drivers must wear special fireproof suits that make it even more challenging to stay hydrated and stay cool.

Cooling vests in sports aren’t exactly a new concept – however, INUTEQ’s innovative cooling vests for athletes has lived up to the challenge time and time again. From world champions to lesser known athletes and sportspeople, our technology has been used by athletic teams during competitive events and training for years.

In fact, you’ll find that INUTEQ Technology’s cooling vests for sportsmen have been commonly used in sports ranging from Tour de France teams and Formula 1 to MX cross teams, National soccer teams, Olympic athletes & teams and many more.

Athletes demand extra care and consideration to beat the heat

Athletes and sportspeople are not ordinary human beings. They must push their body to limits that average people don’t even know of. As such, any sporting activity can have a major impact on the body.

As athletes go through the trials of training and competitive events, their body temperature rises dramatically, blood rushes to the muscles and the head, priming the body for the physical activity, and sweat starts to profusely run down their bodies as they continue to push the performance envelope.

While perspiration naturally cools down the body, this is not enough to keep it performing at the peak limit, even with cool water, energy drinks and electrolyte drinks on hand. Without a practical and cost-effective solution, your athletes will run out of steam prematurely, making it not only harder to reach the desired goals, but also having to put up with longer recovery times between trainings and competitive events.

With INUTEQ cooling technology on your side, you can ensure that all your athletes can keep a cool head and continue to perform consistently from start to finish – going faster, aiming higher and ultimately pleasing you and the fans!


‘Athletes who precool can increase performance with 5,7% (±1%) and with percooling (cooling during exercise) with 9,9% (±1.9%). The combination of precooling and percooling technologies could be the most effective strategy to improve exercise performance in the heat’ – according to Dr. Thijs Eijsvogels, one of the top authorities on thermoregulation.