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Cooling vests for the Military – Helping Servicemen protect us all

Apart from dealing with combatants on the battlefield and other serious threats to national security, military men and women must also deal with another threat that can often prove just as deadly serious: heat.

In fact, in the last two years or so, more military servicemen have fallen victim to heat strokes as military forces all over the world battle rising temperatures.
Even though people in military service are bred to face the toughest, most challenging of circumstances, beyond a certain limit, the human body just can’t take the stresses of persistent exposure to high temperatures and humidity.
Unfortunately, quite a few service members have died as a result of heat exposure, both in training and while being deployed. Rising temperatures are a threat to military personnel everywhere, not just at home but abroad as well. But it doesn’t have to be.

Even though military forces all over the world acknowledge the risks associated with climate change, they still insist on training personnel no matter how challenging the weather elements may be. While many have struggled to find a comprehensive and sustainable strategy, many have failed at protecting their valuable forces in sweltering conditions.

This is where INUTEQ’s range of body cooling technologies come in – technologies which were once used only by athletes, sportsmen, Olympic competitors and construction workers, for example, a few years ago – are now becoming the centre of attention of many military forces across the world. And with good reason.

What sets our unique line of cooling vests apart is that, simply put, there is nothing else on the market that is as effective, practical and economical.

Protection from Heat Wave with Cooling Vests for Soldiers

Military commanders and senior officers should pay immediate attention to the threats posed by extreme temperatures. Even though death is an occurrence in ‘worse case scenarios’, there are many ways in which the performance of your military personnel can be adversely affected due to extremely warm and humid temperatures:

  • Premature exhaustion
  • Difficulty in going the distance
  • Trouble making the right decisions in difficult circumstances
  • Loss of appetite
  • Prolonged fatigue and dehydration
  • And more

All of the above factors can seriously affect how servicemen make decisions, particularly when posted abroad where weather conditions can be very unpredictable during summers.

The INUTEQ-PAC® Phase Change Material (PCM) CoolOver is an unique cooling solution which is powered with bio-based Phase Change Material (PCM) which can be worn under garments, soldiers and service people can enjoy a comfortable constant temperature of e.g. 21°C for up to 3 hours, with no risks whatsoever such as tissue damage, frostbite or other general discomfort. The bio-based PCM we offer in five different temperatures: 6.5°C, 15°C (low temperatures mainly used as pre-post cooling for athletes), 21°C, 24°C and 29°C.

Our innovative phase change technology offers a high latent heat – this is ideal for use in specific thermal management applications. We offer the only 100% bio-based USDA certified and REACH-registered PCM cooling vests on the market, offering healthcare workers not only cool body temperatures to help focus more and stay productive, but also other notable advantages:

  • Long term stability
  • Safer handling
  • Improved fire safety
  • High latent heat capacities

Activate the PCM CoolOver is easy – Put the vest in a refrigerator, freezer or ice water. Alternatively, you can store it at 3°C lower temperature than the PCM temperature until it becomes completely solid.

Ready to use – Wear the cooling vest directly over your functional shirt and underneath your garment.

Enjoying instant and constant cooling – Put on your garment and enjoy a constant cooling effect at the desired temperature, e.g. 21°C, for up to 3 hours or more.

The INUTEQ-DRY® evaporative cooling vest uses a revolutionary body cooling technology which can keep military personnel cool and comfortable, making them more productive and efficient, on and off the battlefield.

Our unique cooling vests for soldiers have been specifically designed with environments in mind where cooling is in high demand, but resources are either scarce or severely limited. The dry cooling solution uses no more than 600ml of water for a maximum of 1-3 days of cooling. A one-time easy activation is required by filling up the evaporative cooling vest with regular tap water and enjoying an immediate and sustainable cooling effect.

The unique INUTEQ-DRY® technology offers a very durable body cooling solution for military servicemen and women who must be deployed out in the heat at a moment’s notice. Our anti-bacterial and machine washable cooling vests for the military are 100% dry. Protect your military personnel in temperatures as high as 40°C with low-medium humidity levels. The airier it is, the better our evaporative cooling vests for soldiers work.

While your military servicemen are out on duty, activation of the cooling vest is really simple and straightforward:

  • Fill up the vest with regular tap water
  • Distribute the water evenly by squeezing it and gently squeeze out the remaining water
  • Enjoy an immediate cooling effect which can last up to 3 days, depending on the ambient temperature, humidity level and wind speeds

Militaries everywhere should not only be aware of the inherent risks that come with long hours of deployment and duty, but also take proactive steps to ensuring their personnel’s wellbeing and productivity levels.

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